Artistry in advertising

Impress your customers/fans/clients/the world with striking images suited for the modern era of advertising.


promotional video

With the expanding use of online advertising and visual-based social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, today’s savvy consumers are drawn to artistry in advertising. Blending artistic cinematography with visual story-telling, I help my clients create impactful media for a modern era.

Quality videos require not only clear messages but also beautiful color, composition, and editing. I use my years of experience in the music and fashion worlds to help you compete in oversaturated media channels. Let's create an artistic and powerful video that showcases your organization, service, or product.  Click here to contact me!


event photography

I specialize in working with challenging event lighting conditions to ensure natural and lively photos of your conference or celebration--no flash necessary. Let's capture some great moments truly worth plastering all over social media, websites, emails, or printed publications!

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I currently reside in Madison, WI and travel nationally to provide creative people and businesses with unique visuals that capture and promote their vision or brand. My work has been shown at multiple film festivals nationally and internationally. Outside of photography and cinematography, I enjoy composing music and exploring the great outdoors!

Music & fashion related work is available for viewing here.


I'd love to discuss your project or event with you! Please use this form below to contact me.